Monday, July 27, 2009

Thiania Bhamoensis 巴莫方胸蛛

Thiania bhamoensis is a species of jumping spider. It belongs to the family of Salticidae. In Singapore, we called it the fighting spider. This species of jumping spider is found in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. A more detailed description on T. bhamoensis could be found on the below link.

There's another species of fighting spider which very much resembles T. bhamoensis. They are called Thiania Subporessa 細齒方胸蛛 which can be found in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The abdomen pattern of T. subporessa is different from T. bhamoensis and that's how you differentiate them.

The below link shows how a T. subporessa looks like.

And this is an interesting link on the molting of a T. subporessa.

T. subporessa blog

*** Contributed by Trevally ***